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    1. Data Entry Clerk

      Are you an experienced Data Entry Clerk looking for an exciting new opportunity? If so, we have the position for you! This is an exciting opportunity to work for a local company! Whether youre looking for a new career, or just to hone your skills, apply with Select Staffing today!Job Purpose: Maintains database by entering new and updated customer and account information. Job Duties May ...

    2. Office Administrator B (17436)

      Duration:                                         3 MonthsHours:                                             7:00 AM to 3:30 PMJob Description:               Coordinates and processes domestic and international travel arrangements, monitors designated business traveler''s logistics, generates expense reports and assists in reconciling corporate credit card changes to ensure timely and ...

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      PartTime Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

    6. Project Coordinator #27566

      Project Coordinator #27566 Contract position for 9 months To apply copy and paste this into your web browser: http://vanh.maxhire.net/cp/?E55D6E361D43517B7A59136539531B6C02627E405502 PLEASE JOIN OUR TALENT NETWORK: http://bit.ly/vhatalentnetwork   Joining the Talent Network with VanderHouwen & Associates (VHA) will enhance your job search and application experience. Job listings are mobile ...

      No PartTime
      Contract Allowed
      No Internship
      No Freelance
      No Telecommute

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    12. Office Coordinator $13.50-15

      Are you an experienced Administrative Assistant looking for an exciting new opportunity? If so, we have the position for you! This is an exciting opportunity to work for a local company! Whether youre looking for a new career, or just to hone your skills, apply with Select Staffing today!Job Description:Provides office services by implementing administrative systems, procedures, and ...

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      PartTime Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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    23. RECEPTIONIST/ADMIN/GENERALIST - Hot Seattle Start-up!

      Verticalmove is hiring for more than 150+ Software Engineering and Infrastructure professionals throughout Seattle, the San Francisco Bay area and Austin. Please visit our jobs portal (optimized for mobile) for more opportunities:http://go.verticalmove.com/zr/jobsSo.. You're wondering, who's Verticalmove?! We're a leading Technology Talent firm focusing upon IT Consulting, Software ...

    24. Facility Coordinator

      Job Description Great opportunity to work for a Nonprofit Charitable Organization in Seattle, Washington. To provide direct support to the Account Team in coordinating the day-to-day activities of the building staff and contract services in fulfilling the needs and addressing the issues of the client. The position is the primary operator and SME of the CMMS, BIGCenter, and the Facilities Help ...