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      Contract Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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    11. Testing Job Title e920d4b86fa17486da2638925db22702c10773203784

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      Contract Allowed

    12. Testing Job Title v3a9a912902284aa8957782baef672dcd10773197296

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      PartTime Allowed

    13. Document Preperation / Document Coder

      5 Month Contract (potential to go perm)Hours: 8AM-5PM Experience: 2-5 years of experience in position or specialization. Education: High-school/Associates or equivalent experience if applicable. Certification if applicable. Assist project team with preparation of reports, meeting notes and other requests. Maintain and transmit files from the beginning of a project through construction and ...

    14. Administrative Assistants and Receptionist

      Job Description Kelly Services is looking for great Administrative Assistants and Receptionist for shirt term temporary and long term temporary roles. Possible Duties include:Supports one or more mid-level managers. Works in low to medium-complex environment. Performs routine administrative duties: placing, receiving and routing telephone calls; receiving and directing visitors, typing, ...

    15. Testing Job Title n44b257df990c42cea39d571b92856e4510541817277

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      PartTime Allowed

    16. Testing Job Title z15aadc5b9faa4dbf963b377627d7b27110535638272

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      PartTime Allowed

    17. Testing Job Title j1dc392a58a6f46ac944dc990b2fade8510535638282

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      Contract Allowed

    18. Testing Job Title z636bd7b51aeb4cb892cbb8b616b74ba410535586788

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      PartTime Allowed

    19. RECEPTIONIST - Renton, Seattle, Woodinville WA

        Link Staffing Services is looking for a Receptionist for a well-established company. If you meet the requirements below please call Link Staffing Services at 425-203-8850 or send resumes to [email removed] must be able to pass our Federal standards drug screenings and background checks.Performs office receptionist/switchboard responsibilities which may include greeting employees and ...

    20. Russian or Spanish Speaking Medical Assistant

      USA Vein Clinics a nationwide chain of medical clinics specializing in Endovenous Laser Therapy is seeking bright and energetic full-time or part time Medical Receptionists to join our growing team. Previous healthcare experience required must be fluent in English, Spanish or and Russian to be considered for this job.Duties and Responsibilities:- Greet patients and escort them to the ...

    21. Russian Speaking MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST in Seattle Medical Office

      Nationwide chain of medical clinics specializing in Endovenous laser therapy is seeking bright and energetic full-time or part time Medical Receptionists to join our growing team. Previous medical experience and fluency in English and Russian languages is necessary to be considered for this job.Duties and Responsibilities:- Greet patients and escort them to the examination rooms; assist ...

    22. Administrative Assistant

      AIM Aerospace, Inc. Sumner Operations, is a leading manufacturer of composite products for the commercial and military aerospace industry. We are seeking a full time Administrative Assistant to join our contracts team.Principal Responsibilities                                                              ·         Performs a variety of typing assignments which are sometimes confidential in ...

    23. Testing Job Title q8fdb62ff8e344972b1d02ebe005c67a410437929847

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    24. Receptionist/Admin Assistant position

      University Place Real Estate office is hiring for Receptionist/Admin Assistant position. Full time 8:30-5:00 M-FNeed an enthusiastic self-starter, friendly, outgoing, Must Be Dependable and Punctual.Must have knowledge and proficiency in MS Office platform and the ability to learn specialized software with a focus on website intranets and social mediaExcellent communication skills and work ...