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  1. Seattle Tacoma Train Business Directory Travel Guids

    Seattle Tacoma Train Business Directory™ companion guide provides locations and phone numbers for 'consumer-friendly' companies within a short distance of train stations. All station maps are in order for riders to use on the train. AVAILABLE on AMAZON in Hard Copy and as an eBOOK... Please Search "Train Business Directory"

  2. Monty Python 4 Book Collection

    4 books from the British masters of sketch comedy! All the Words Vol 1 & 2; features the scripts of ALL of the Python episodes. The Complete Fawlty Towers: features all of the scripts from John Cleese's hilarious much too short series. Monty Python Speaks: The Complete Oral History (not pictured) All books are in great shape, the Fawlty Towers does have a few spine creases though. Great, funny stuff. I'll deliver on Bainbridge.

  3. 60's 70's Star Trek Paperback Novels

    2 classic paperbacks from the heyday of Star Trek. Both in great shape with minor shape wear. Star Trek: This was the 1st paperback out way back in 1967 Star Trek Spock Must Die!: 1970 Both written by acclaimed Star Trek writer James Blish I'll deliver on Bainbridge

  4. End of the World

    End of the World The animals of myth and extinction have returned to Earth. The prophecies are coming to pass, from Revelations, to Nostradamus and Hopi. The Earth is at war. World War III has erupted. Famine and disease is spreading. The governments are strained. Militaries are short on manpower. Resources are dwindling. But there is hope… Colonel Poul Flagstaad and the Phoenix have returned to Earth. The governments debrief them and separate the team. As each one returns to their ...

  5. 3 Chef Books

    Are you a Chef? These professional grade cookbooks can have great recipes and tips.

  6. Medical Wisdom

    Medical Wisdom "The Knowledge You Need to Navigate Life's Medical Situations" is a book everyone without a medical education needs. There are 44 chapters, each teaching the reader the vital information that is needed to understand and deal with a particular medical problem. If you have a medical problem, or know someone that is ill this book will be invaluable to you. The book is readable and aimed at anyone that desires a working knowledge of human medicine. Mark Borden MD

  7. Vintage Book Wilderness Homesteaders (hardcover) Ethel Kavanaugh RARE

    What happened when a couple of females, an office worker, sated with the banalities of civilized cities, and her young daughter, set out to become homesteaders on America's ""Last Frontier"" Alaska. Staking out a claim on the largely unsettled Kenai Peninsula, they shot bear and venison for meat (and to provide protection for their vegetable garden), longed for close neighbors, lugged in tons of supplies, mostly in back-packs, cleared and tilled land, hauled logs and built their own snug well ...

  8. Nancy Drew books - $2 each

    Nice pile of Nancy Drew books to help you complete your collection. Each book is $2 each. Please let me know what titles you are interested in. All books are hardbacks and are all written by Carolyn Keene. Here is the list of books available: Book 5, The Secret of Shadow Ranch, 1965 Book 7, The Clue in the Diary, 1990 Book 14, The Whispering Statue, 1970 Book 53, The Sky Phantom, 1976

  9. Find Out About Yourself

    Find out about yourself and achieve what you want in your relationships, career and life! Millions have used Dianetics to achieve happiness. Indisputably the most widely read and influential book ever written about the mind. Dianetics is used in more than 100 nations. Dianetics brings dramatic and permanent improvement to people across every walk of life. Read and Use DIANETICS: The Modern Science of Mental Health (softcover is $20.00) __________________________________________________________ ...

  10. Top rated book on Dissociation

    VICTIM OF ABUSE ? No abuser acts alone. They are surrounded by others who know it, allow it and cover it up. And, for the victims, it doesn't end there. Should they seek help, they may be abused again by the institutions they believed would help them. In her "Open letter to therapists" E.T. Aul wrote "Why didn't they just take me out and shoot me?" Read this fascinating top rated book on dissociation at http://www.aniota.com/dissociation/

  11. The POWER OF WORDS: write ads that work!

    Use the POWER OF WORDS to write ads that work! Most ads don't work. If you've been disappointed in the results you've been getting, you can change all that in just minutes. Learn the methods top advertisers use to make millions. Click on "The Power of Words" at http://www.aniota.com/

  12. Workbook for Victims of Identity Theft

    If you're being refused credit for no reason, losing out on jobs, being declined apartments and utilities, and being hammered to pay bills you don't owe, you have probably become victim to an Identity thief. If that's the case, we'd like to help. Outside of having someone else straighten out the mess for you, the Case Management Workbook is the best help you're likely to find anywhere. Check out all the benefits at http://www.aniota.com/recovery/ plus free downloads and resources


    The embezzlement problem is so extreme that experts believe you're SCREWED if you have one bookkeeper doing all the accounting functions. To help business owners and managers solve this problem, I have written two ebooks on the subject, "Anti-Embezzlement Methods for Small (and not so small) Businesses" and "How to Detect Embezzlement on the QT" available at http://www.aniota/bookkeeping/embezzlement.html As only a tiny fraction of embezzlement is ever detected, it is crucial to stop this crime ...

  14. Kindle Book-Creative Marketing for the Direct Sales Conultant

    WARNING! This is not your typical book about How to Succeed in Direct Sales. This is not about making a warm list, qualifying prospects, or overcoming objections. It’s not about online marketing, social media, or how to get a gazillion people to Like your Facebook page. Who cares if they like your page if they aren’t buying your products?! Book More, Sell More-Creative Marketing for the Direct Sales Consultant is about setting yourself apart from all the other Direct Sales Consultants. It is about ...

  15. Retro School House Rock! collection CD Book VHS

    A mixed bag of School House Rock stuff. The Official Guide to School House Rock! book School House Rock! Rocks CD School House Rock! Science Rock VHS

  16. 4 MONTY PYTHON Books

    4 great books from the British Masters of Sketch Comedy: Monty Python All the Words Volume 1 & 2 features the complete scripts of all of the sketches. The Complete Fawtly Towers: Complete scripts from John Cleese's post Python series. Monty Python Speaks: The complete oral history of Monty Python as told by the members themselves. NOT pictured, but included.

  17. 6 CD Soul Brother collection James Brown, Marvin Gaye more

    6 CDs from some of the best in the business: Curtis Mayfield Superfly and Other Hits Al Green Everything's OK Al Green Get's Next to You James Brown Sex Machine George Clinton Greatest Hits Marvin Gaye Let's Get it On

  18. Seattle Local Music CD Collection

    More closet cleaning, cheap CDs! Lots of past greats and some current folks, like Brother Willie of Pike's Market fame. 7 CDs from a wide range of Genres of Seattle's best music: Pearl Jam Ten Jimi Hendrix Kiss the Sky (compilation) Jerry Cantrell Boggy Depot Alice in Chains Nothing Safe (compilation) Heart Little Queen Brother Willie and the Market Crew Live A Moment in Time Live at Park West

  19. ◆◆How to Build a Portable Carport eBook (Free Today)

    ◆◆How to Build a Portable Carport eBook (Free Today) See www.HisCoShelters.com How to Build a Portable Carport (eBook) With Plans, Drawings, Illustrated Directions, Parts List and Sources See www.HisCoShelters.com Call Larry 360-217-7186 or Email for Quote or Questions? [email removed] eBook Includes * Step-by-step instructions * Many pictures * Portable Carport Plans * Drawings * Parts Lists * Material Sources See www.HisCoShelters.com See video on YouTube.com http://youtu.be/1dkCXDTJ9Fw


    http://www.leechild.com/lee-child.php I have the 17 books all in good or better condition and will sell at a average price of $3 each. will not break up . Lee Child Collection: books 1-17 Killing Floor, Echo Burning, The Visitor, Tripwire, Die Trying, Without Fail, Persuader, One Shot, The Enemy, The Hard Way, Bad Luck And Trouble , Nothing to Lose , Gone Tomorrow , 61 Hours /,Worth Dying For , The Affair , A Wanted Man Tomorrow , 61 Hours , Worth Dying For The Affair , A ...

  21. Encouraging Words

    Encouraging Words, a book designed to give you the reader encouragement in times of despair and gloom. I wrote and illustrated this book to be an encouragement to you so that when you are encouraged you will be more able to encourage others. The book is a collection of eight of my animal illustrations with my own encouragement passages. Please copy and paste or click on this link: http://www.amazon.com/kindle/dp/B006Z0LJJA to be taken to my book page on amazon.com. Once there you can purchase a copy ...

  22. Encouraging Words http://www.amazon.com/kindle/dp/B006Z0LJJA

    Encouraging Words, a book designed to give you, the reader encouragement in times of despair and gloom. I wrote and illustrated this book to be an encouragement to you so that when you are encouraged you will be more able to encourage others. The book is a collection of eight of my animal illustrations with my own encouragement passages. Please copy and paste this link: http://www.amazon.com/kindle/dp/B006Z0LJJA to be taken to my book page on amazon.com. Once there you can purchase a copy for ...

  23. Medical Wisdom - The Knowledge You Need

    Confused about the changes that are occuring today in the world of Medicine and Medical Care? This book will give you the knowledge you need to understand modern medicine and the medical system. Truly "The Knowledge You Need to Navigate Life's Medical Situations. View the book on Amazon! The Chapter on "Diet and Exercise" is anything but sugar coated!!

  24. America in 1750: A Social Portrait by Richard Hofstadter

    This book is in good condition with sticker and name on inside front cover. There are minor creases to front and back covers and spine. Excellent historical book. Bella Terra Books supports socially responsible and environmentally conscious causes.