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  1. Delivery Driver (Class A) at Charlie's Produce

    Charlie's Produce is looking for a Class A Driver that is a team player to provide the best customer service to our customers....

  2. Lyft Driver (No Experience Needed) at Lyft

    Signing up to be a Lyft driver is the perfect opportunity for you to earn extra cash – whether you’re trying to offset costs of your car, cover this month’s...

  3. Industrial Parts Sales -- Kirkland at Tacoma Screw Products

    Tacoma Screw Products is a distribution company that sells industrial supplies, fasteners and tools to contractors, small and large businesses and individual...

  4. Customer Service Representative at Xerox

    Xerox serves clients in more than 160 countries. Xerox offers business process outsourcing and IT outsourcing services, including data processing, healthcare...

  5. Back Office Clinic Coordinator at UW Neighborhood Clinics

    Active Washington State Medical Assistant Certified license or having an active Washington State LPN license. License Practical Nurse (LPN)....

    1. Customer Sales Representative/Inside Sales

      Assists outside sales representatives with sales and other related activities. Review incoming customer requests pertaining to sales, pricing, etc. and takes appropriate action regarding requests for information, quotes, expediting. May advise customer on product use and application. Ability to handle high pressure situations. Detail oriented. Ability to work independently with general ...

    2. Driver-Dedicated-Home Daily-$52K/YR OF $1000/WK Dep Exp-Sumner WA-FPS

      This Dedicated Utility driver job features daily time at home which allows you to spend time with the people important to you.With a predicable work scedule you can plan your work life and your home life.THIS IS A WIN-WIN FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!You will haul and unload multi-stop freight for a multinational automaker, Nissan, and benefit from consistent miles within a primary travel area of ...

    3. Testing Job Title h2c89bd9548e340df89d68644ad7bccae10438554497

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      PartTime Allowed

    4. Testing Job Title p8829343d529e4006a6432e7bdee2310210438554499

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      PartTime Allowed

    6. Testing Job Title nd95838fc97c94ae5986dd8281b15ad4810438554498

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      PartTime Allowed

    7. Testing Job Title a7ebfcffcc1b54e0f9815a99fd94bb66010438554499

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      Contract Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

    13. Testing Job Title qecb3812b3e3a473bb7d02ccf8b84b16410438513411

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      PartTime Allowed


      National General contractor is currently hiring for carpenters with commercial experience. All candidates must have the following experience in order to be considered for the position. Carpenters Helpers - Must have at least 2 years work experience in a commercial environment. Carpenter - Must have at least 5 years work experience in a commercial environment. - Must have experience with ...

    15. Food Event Demonstrators Needed

      Nichols & Associates is a National Event Staffing Company hiring grocery demonstrators in your area. -Work Fri, Sat and/or Sun in a large grocery chain demonstrating various food products -Events are either 4 or 6 hours -Have a current food handlers card -Experience in demos, promos or grocery industry/retail -Have a working cell phone and a computer and be able to report your demo results on ...

    16. Food Event Demonstrators Needed

      Nichols & Associates is a National Event Staffing Company hiring grocery demonstrators in your area. -Work Fri, Sat and/or Sun in a large grocery chain demonstrating various food products -Events are either 4 or 6 hours -Have a current food handlers card -Experience in demos, promos or grocery industry/retail -Have a working cell phone and a computer and be able to report your demo results on ...

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      Contract Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

    24. Testing Job Title z19138fcdac394787b2e18944cb68f3c010437929846

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      1. Client Leader - K-12 Education at CR Architecture + Design

        An integral part of the firm, the Education Client Leader who has a strong background in Architecture and Engineering will assume leadership and

      2. Valet Attendant at Red Carpet Valet

        Must possess a current drivers license and have authorization to work in the US. Submit a copy of your current driving abstract showing a clean driving record....

      3. Account Manager Solutions Engineer (West Coast) at TalentWise

        The result is a single hiring solution that manages the process from the moment an offer letter is extended until the day a new hire is productive in their role...

      4. Prep Cook at Charlie's Produce

        Summary of Responsibilities: The Prep Cook is responsible for preparation and assembly of food products in an industrial kitchen. Additionl duties include but

      5. Experienced Volkswagen or Audi Technician at Carter Volkswagen

        Carter Volkswagen has two full time openings for experienced Volkswagen or Audi technicians. Excellent compensation program and benefit package....