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  1. Prep Cook at Charlie's Produce

    Summary of Responsibilities: The Prep Cook is responsible for preparation and assembly of food products in an industrial kitchen. Additionl duties include but

  2. Lyft Driver (No Experience Needed) at Lyft

    Signing up to be a Lyft driver is the perfect opportunity for you to earn extra cash – whether you’re trying to offset costs of your car, cover this month’s...

  3. Sales Representative at Uline

    Internet, cell phone and car allowance. If you are a competitive, detailed, dependable team player that thrives on achieving goals and solving problems, then...

  4. Cycle Counter at Uline

    Monitor warehouse inventory and conduct daily cycle counts. Perform follow-up counts to ensure accuracy. Verify product locations and resolve discrepancies

  5. Entry Level Truck Driver - Paid Training $450/wk average at CR England

    England offers the nations best training program to become a cdl truck driver. C.R....

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      PartTime Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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    11. Unarmed Security Guard Senior Supervisor 2015-2122

      Job Description: Mobius Industries USA, Inc. is seeking a Senior Supervisor to manage a team of Unarmed Security Guards.  Individuals who have previous security experience, previous private investigator experience, and/or those who have work experience from the military are encouraged to apply.  This is your chance to receive valuable career training with the opportunity of a stable long term ...

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      PartTime Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

    20. Life/Health Insurance Agent, Rural Market

       Northwest Farmer-Stockman Insurance, Inc. is seeking to add a new Sales Agents in the Everett area (within approx. 60 miles). We currently have an excess number of policy holders in this area and need more agents to manage follow-up as well as handling incoming leads from our company's marketing efforts.NWFS has a long history of serving hard working farmers and stockmen among many other ...

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      Contract Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

      1. Cook and Chef at P.F. Chang's

        Our people are friendly. Chang's - we are truly glad you are here and we will do everything we can to make you want to come back - applies not only to our...

      2. Warehouse Clerk at Uline

        Order entry and administrative experience or training. Review receiving orders and requisitions for coding and bill of lading production....

      3. Nursing Director / Health Care Coordinator at Sunrise Senior Living

        Now hiring a Nursing Director / Health Care Coordinator in the Edmonds, WA area! Responsibilities include: overseeing coordination of residents' health and

      4. Hiring Valet Attendant in Seattle. Get $20/Hour at LUXE

        Have a valid drivers license. This opportunity is for an independent contractor. If you are an actor, designer, customer service agent, barista, retail...

      5. Assistant Manager at Taco Time Northwest

        Strong communication skills, and have the ability to listen attentively to guests and team members. We are looking for great people who are fun, energetic,...