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Salon, spa, & fitness in Seattle

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      PartTime Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

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      PartTime Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

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    14. Skin Care Therapist - skoah (Bellevue/Seattle)

      We are looking for passionate and energetic Estheticians (Skin Care Trainers) to join our growing team! We recently opened three new locations in Seattle in the fall of 2013 and that’s just the beginning. skoah is expanding fast and can offer career advancement opportunities for individuals who are eager to learn and challenge themselves daily to exceed expectations.ESTHETICIAN (Skin Care ...

    15. Hair Stylist

      Sport Clips is a fun, family-friendly, fast paced, sports-themed shop specializing in haircuts for men and boys.As a valued member of our team we offer you:Guaranteed hourly pay with automatic raises plus retail, service commissions, and excellent gratuities incomeRetirement Savings PlanOur stylist team wears comfortable tennis shoes and sports attireWe provide continuing education at our ...

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      PartTime Allowed

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      Contract Allowed

    18. Master Level Personal Trainer

      Personal Training Job DescriptionJOB TITLE: Trainer/Fitness CoachSPECIFIC FUNCTIONS: All training protocolEstablish functioning rapport with clientObserve members and inform them of corrective measures necessary for skill improvement.Instruct members in maintaining exertion levels to maximize benefits from exercise routines.Offer alternatives during classes to accommodate different levels of ...

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